cream and pine cot Cream and pine cot

Where can I get an instruction manual for the cot please? Stef Hi Stef, You can either can in touch with customer helpline or send us an e-mail address.

Pamela Is this wood or MDF? The rest is made from solid pine. If so at what price? Samm argos People have asked whether it turns in to a cot bed or junior bed. Most replies say no but others say yes. Ked Hi Ked, No, the cot was not designed to turn into a toddler bed. What people are probably saying is that you can remove the guardrails and have a bed - but the headboard and footboard will remain quite high. Pamela Mattress size I've bought a cot bed size mattress which I think is x When reading through all questions it says it needs x 60 but then others say x 70 which one fits?

I also bought some cot bed bedding I guess this will be no good as well? Becky Hi Becky, It needs a mattress size of x 60 cm. Tilli Hi Tilli, We recommend the cotbeds until the child is around 18 months old. Pamela Can you get a replacement changing top? The changing top part of my chest of drawers has split and broken. Can I get a replacement of just that part so I can carry on using it as a changing unit? Vicky Hi Vicky, You should get in touch with the Customer helpline on and they will assist you with spare parts.

Pamela Any advice on solving problem of doors overlapping on wardrobe? As far as I can tell I have built this product exactly to the instructions and it looks good however the doors have a slight overlap on the wardrobe which doesn't look great when they are closed.

Has anyone else had this issue? If I carefully close both doors together it's fine but they do appear to sit a little out of alignment. Wdavis Hello, It is quite normal doors do not align. Please use step 18 from the AI in order to align them. Pamela You have said to use a x 70 matress for this cot but the cot is only long??

Linda Hi Linda, Sorry, this cot needs a matress of x 60cm. Pamela Hi just wanna ask is this cot change into bed after and till which age we can use that? Hi just wanna ask is this cot change into bed after and till which age we can use this? Sabi Hi Sabi, This cotbed does not turn into bed. Pamela What is the best fit mattress for this cot?

You can avoid interest by paying the cash price in full within the payment free period. We will telephone your tenant and arrange to meet them at their convenience.

Roxie Hi Roxie, The most suitable mattress is x 70cm, and the minimum size is x 68cm. Pamela What is the 5 pieces?

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  • Blondie Hi Blondie, The 5 products are: Pamela Why is this set white when clearly pictures show white floor and cream furniture? Ellie Hi Ellie, The products are cream and pine colour.

    Pamela What are the 5 parts I'm a bit confused From: Limitylamb89 Hello, this set has the cotbed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, undercot drawer and changer top. Pamela Dose it come with a mattres and dose it go into a cot bed?

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  • Dose it come with a mattres and dose it go into a cot bed? Zena argos Hi Aimee, No, the matress needs to be purchased separately and the size is x 70cm.

    Pamela What age is this cot suitable until? How long will the baby stay in the cot? I'm looking to decide if a cot bed would be more practical and useful for longer. Kathryn This cot can be transformed into a Junior bed after baby complete 18 months. This product in specific is suitable for children aged from 18 months to 4 years.

    Pamela What is the set made of? Is it solid wood? Polly The set is part solid wood and part MDF. Pamela What is the colour of this set? Is it cream and pine? Joanne Hi Joanne, Yes, cream and pine. Pamela What cotters would i need to use with this set? Joanna Hi Joanna, Just a Philips screwdriver, as the allen key comes with the fittings. Pamela Where can we get the instruction manual for the cot?

    James Hi James, Do you have an e-mail address so I can forward the instruction manual to you?

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    Pamela 5 piece set I'm confused, i can only read about 4 pieces in this set but the description clearly states 5 sets. Could you confirm what the 5 items are? Em Hello, I can confirm the 5 pieces of furniture include the wardrobe, chest of drawers, changer top, cot and storage drawer.

    Lara Total weight of all the products? Mios Hi Mios, Net weight for the products are: Pamela Can the wardrobe be purchased seperately From: Grandma Hi there, I can confirm unfortunately at this moment in time Argos do not sell the wardrobe separate within this set. Dave argos What mattress size is recommended? Hi, we are looking at purchasing this set for our baby soon, but would like to know what size mattress is recommended to fit the cot?

    As in the catalogue, the sizes stated do not match with any of the mattresses you sell. Is there a specific one you would recommend for this set? Mam2Be Hello there, The mattress you will need is x60cm, here are a couple of examples: Kinder Valley Flow Cot Mattress. Harri Argos Why does it smell quite badly when first set up the set also what type of wood etc? I'm sorry you experienced a bad smell when setting up the product. Having spoken to the supplier, they advise this may have been the packing or the space in which it was store.

    It should dissipate over time.

    cream and pine cot Cream and pine cot

    I hope this is helpful. Gcmbwi Hi, thank you for your question. This item is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so can be returned if unsuitable. Argoshelpers52 If the cot can change to toddler bed? Lady Just to say, if you remove one side of the cot, you could effectively use it as a toddler bed but i know it is not designed for this. You wouldn't be able to remove both sides, as it'd probably cause both the ends to flap around a bit. Oh, and this is cot size, rather than cot bed size.

    But my very tall little girl is still happily in it at 2 years old, with one side removed. Bsl Hi, thank you for your question.

    I have looked into your query and I can advise that the cot of the Classic Two-Tone Nursery Furniture Set does not change into a toddler bed. Argoshelpers52 Does the cot have a drop down side? Katey Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into your query and I can advise that the cot of the Classic Two-Tone Nursery Furniture Set does not have a drop down side.

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  • Argoshelpers52 Please can you confirm the material used for the back of the wardrobe and chest of drawers? Alex G Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into this and I can confirm that the backs of the units are MDF.

    Thank you for using Question and Answer. Argos Helpers Should the plastic cover on the cot sides be on the top rail? When assembled correctly it is on the bottom. Shax Hi Shax The plastic rail is a teething rail and should be positioned on the top bar to stop your child chewing the top of the cot.

    Please check that you have assembled cot correctly as it sounds like the sides may be upside down. Have a nice day. Argoshelper What age could a baby sleep in here until? Laura Hi, thank you for your question. I have looked into this and I can confirm that there is no maximum age for the cot but it is suitable for up to 50kg.

    I have already brought it and now I am worried. Mummy2b Hi, thank you for your question.



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