king parrot alice cot bed King parrot alice cot bed

P-x Office at Theatre, Ten to Five. Box Plan Now Open. Beats may be Booked by Post and Telephone Nat. Rooking Office Open Daily from Ten till 4.

Gems from Popular Operas. Bicycles Stored Free of Charge. The most wonderful Pictures ever shown. Seats can be Booked in advance.

king parrot alice cot bed King parrot alice cot bed

Box Office Open Daily from Ten a. Saturday Matinee, To-morrow, a. Saturday Matinee, Merchant of Venice. Book your Seats early at Messrs.

Heath and Sons, Queen-fJtreet, Cardiff.

He's never been sick, not anyway, yet. A selection of basic food stuffs are on hand for use by guests. Photography — [ edit ] Photo of Alice Liddell taken by Lewis Carroll In , Dodgson took up the new art form of photography under the influence first of his uncle Skeffington Lutwidge , and later of his Oxford friend Reginald Southey.

The finest Musical Programme ever placed lbefore a Cardiff audience. DoOrs Open at 7. Tickets purchased before date of Concert admitted by early doors free. At Newport, October 1st. I "West-em Mail" says: Saturday, October the 10th, a. A Course of Lectures on the VoteTimarv Hygiene and Diseases of Farm Stock, fuily illustrated with subjee-ts and specimens and with practical demonstrations, will be given by Mr. His buoyant hopefulness and large capacity for work or enjoyment spring from the possession of abounding vitality.

His attitude towards t. He is always genial and good- humoured and perceives the bright side of everything, because his digestive organs are healthy and active. No man or woman can be cheerful so long as their system is starved and poisoned, and the brain clouded and depressed through the failure of the Stomach and Liver to perform their functions satis- factorily.

Upper and lower set.. Wind, weather, and oircumstances permitting. Guy, 70a, Buto-atreot, Cardiff. There are thousands of children who die annually from Bronchitis Whooping Cough, and Croup.

This is a grand discovery for the Cure of such Complaints. It is invaluable for weak-chested men, Deli- cate Women and Children. It cures thousands of Childrcai of Bronchitis. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. If you have a cor. If you liave a Cold, try it. It you have Bronchitis, try it. It loosens the phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and 'comfort to the chest, and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights- of rest.

When a severe cough came ou I thought I would ruptur-e a blood-vessel. I went to the nearest chemist's shop and purchased a bottle of your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey. I took a dose there and then in the shop. I ha-ve found nothing so effectual.

I consider it a Golden Remedy. Words are far from being, adequate to describe how thankful I a. For Vocalists and Public it has no equal. It makes the voice as clear as a bell. Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey.

So Inamy imitations and fraud.

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  • Sold by all Chemists and Stores in Is. Sample bottle sent post free for Is. Saving in purchasing the large size bottle. Coulter, n, ciytha Park-road, ypwport.

    Western Jvlttjl Buihiioss, Cardiff.

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  • I downright value for evary penny. TiOPlt to Adver'laements directed to the "ETanlDg Express" Office will be handed out on produotlon of a icket, which may be obtained when the Advertise- ment is ordered, or they will be forwarded to the Aorertiser's Addresst, provided otair-ps to cover postage are supplied.

    Eavies, who lived at the Horse ,. Anyone returning same to , Haliershon-etreet, Splott, will he cilitably rewarded. Prices from 12 Fqlineas, 6s. Second- hand list free. Any of the above instruments will be sent carriage paid on receipt of first monthly payment.

    All are fully- guaranteed, and will be delivered in first-class condition. I0 really good piano at the price of a cheap new one of inferior quality. Monthly; delivered free on payment of filEt instalment; rend for catalogue of beautiful new designs; every instrument guaranteed, and exchanged if not approved.

    Hiles, 1, Gilbert- street, Cadoxton-Barrr. Open for Engaie- mcnts coneerts, at homes, dances.

    king parrot alice cot bed King parrot alice cot bed

    Wilsher, 35, Caroline-street, Cardiff. Boutledge, Dunquesne, PI Mon. Jones, 55, Bridge-street, Newport. Nil Post as 'aretal? Manageress, dauble-licensed house; good references; holding licence at present.

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  • Shopland, 95, Victoria-avenue, M. All correspondence promptly attended to, but must enclose stamp. Olirework; seven in family; good home for suitable girl. Dan Richards, , Cathedral-road. Hughes, Bank House, Brecon. Fairwood, Killay, near Swansea. Williams, Holly Croft, Griffithstown. Prichard, PWllywrach, Cmvbridge ences. Prichard, Pwllywraeh, Cowbridge R. The Priory House, Monmouth. Hughes, Star huwl, Ccfn Oribbwr, Bridgend. Also good, smart General; to come in bar ewenings.

    Age, both not under 24; with references. Davies, Commercial Hotel, Ferndale. Dew, Rheola Hotel, Forth. Lewis, Eagle Hotel, Brynna, Llanharran. IRM, with good buying Agencies, doing lucrative.

    under cot bed drawer

    Iary required and full particulars, r'? Apply, stating age, experience, salary immediate engagement , K. Also good Bodice Hands; able to drape; best cla. P- chuse, "Cardex, Darlington. Try our famous "Orchid" Series. Hand requires regular eml?

    Employment, or 2 or 3 days a. Matthews, Manton House, Bi-omfield-pi. Angel Mews Car- dill. Imt be expe- 1ienci?

    Richard Le5,ohon, 12, Mountstua.

    Western Kail Buildings, Cardiff. We will not process your order until we have your instructions.

    Odgln- for Two or Three respect- c aNe Men; 3s. Also Furnished Apart- ments, with hot anZ7 cold batn; suit young couple; near Great Western and town centre. Furnished Combined Front-Room; "Jut 1 or 2 ladies in business or elderly lady; every conveniknce.



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