cot bed plans Cot bed plans

Blog The Ultimate Kids Bunk Bed Guide Perfect for siblings and sleepovers alike, our guide to kids bunk beds is the ideal partner in your quest to find the best sleeping solution for your child.

In the blink of an eye or so it seems , your chubby-thighed crawler has morphed into a walking, talking beanpole.

Botelho is a cozy sleeping nook, complete with curtains for a faux-canopy feel. Harborseal 6 years ago The lettering comes off with acetone easily, or rubbing alcohol with more effort.

Could it be the start of a new era? The era of the bunk bed?

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  • Bunk beds are excellent space savers and are fantastically fun. If the thought of a bunk bed conjures up the image of a rickety steel-framed mass of ugliness, then think again. Some bunk beds can be separated to make two singles, if required. A bunk bed is a fantastic sleep solution if children are required to share a room and space is limited.

    The Hidden Oasis This is another bed that would make you feel like you have your own personal oasis every time you step foot in your bedroom. But it is a much more complex design too.

    Many bunk beds come with features such as storage and shelving which helps organise the overall dynamic of a bedroom. These designs leave space around the bottom bunk that can be filled with a piece of furniture, a bookcase or some cosy cushions. This design is also more sociable, allowing children to see each other and interact more easily than in traditional bunk beds. Trundle Bunks Some single beds come with a pull out trundle that provides an additional bed to sleep on. This multi-purpose style bunk bed is perfect if you need extra space for sleepovers etc.

    The trundle bed is usually located directly underneath the main bed. Simple pull out from the lower drawer of the bed and voila, a second bed is ready to use. Unlike the standard bunk, the space located underneath the loft bed can be used for a variety of reasons. Some of the high sleepers come with a futon style addition which can be provide a seating area in the day and pull out as a bed at night. Other options for high sleepers is to place a mattress or airbed in the available space as a temporary bed for guests.

    cot bed plans Cot bed plans

    Three beds are usually situated on top of each other, with bunks two and three reached with a ladder. Triple bunks are considered to be not only clever space savers but a good investment for growing families with limited space. Triple Bunk with trundle A bunk bed with trundle is considered a triple bunk bed. Unlike the standard triple, this model is built like a standard two person bunk bed with a an extra bed located within the base. The trundle bed pulls out and slots back easily, meaning that even modestly-sized bedrooms can accommodate three.

    Family Sleeper A family sleeper is a two level bunk which features a single sized bed on the top level and double sized bed underneath. The term family sleeper comes from a family of three so mum, dad and kiddie sharing the same sleep space.

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    Parents sleep snuggly on the bottom double bunk as a little one snoozes peacefully on the top bunk. For siblings with a large age gap, the family sleeper is ideal. Teens will have all the space required on the bottom double, whereas younger ones can rest easy in the single above.

    The exception to this rule is triple bunk beds which may feature a double mattress on the lower bunk.

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  • Always check the measurements carefully when selecting a bunk bed to ensure you purchase the correct mattresses.



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