cot bed or travel cot Cot bed or travel cot
cot bed or travel cot Cot bed or travel cot

How to choose a travel cot How to choose a travel cot Section: Should you buy one? This really depends on where and how often you go away. If you mainly stay in hotels and holiday cottages, many will provide a cot, although they might make a small rental charge for it. Plus, after a few uses, it will feel reassuringly familiar to your baby and help him settle in unfamiliar surroundings. What are the different types of travel cot on offer? There are two options — lightweight travel cots, which are often tent-style, pop-up cots, and heavier, more conventional models.

Lightweight versions can weigh as little as 2kg and tend to fold up more compactly for storage and take up less space in the car. Which is the best option? Consider the importance of the cot being light and compact versus sturdy although some models tick both boxes. Are they easy to assemble? Does the size of the cot matter?

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  • What else should you look for? If a travel cot mattress is too thin he might not be comfortable and find it hard to sleep. Also, check how difficult the cot sides and mattress will be to clean between uses.

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    None of these are essential, particularly as you can usually find portable travel equivalents. What are the best travel cots on the market? Doubling up as an all-in-one play tent, sunshade and travel cot, it folds down completely. Like that tent you brought for Glastonbury years ago, it simply pops up and has a self-inflating mattress to keep your little one comfortable, whatever the surface.

    Sturdy enough to double as a playpen for smaller babies, it features handy wheels and a break to make it easier to transport. Our mums loved how standard cot bedding fit, but wished the mattress was a little thicker.

    Easy to build and fold away, the mattress is plush and comfy and the design is sturdy and secure. Our mums loved how spacious this travel cot was, and how easy it was to lift their babies in and out. Read more real mum reviews of this product here. Our mums love how you can fold and unfold the cot with one hand a skill every new multitasking mum will soon learn!

    Included in the price tag comes a newborn bassinette, a changing mat and a toy bar.

    Ask yourself these questions: We have a holiday coming up in February and need to get something sorted for then as well as for summer hols and when he stays with grandparents. Should you buy one?

    Our mums also loved the wheels which made the cot easy to move around. That said, as great as the extras are, getting them all back into the bag proved tricky! Winning a Gold award in our awards, our mums loved how easy the cot was to construct and how compact it was when folded down.

    Despite the weight, our mums said the cot felt reassuringly sturdy and found the small size perfect for those miniature hotel rooms! Read more real mum reviews for this travel cot here.

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  • It comes with loads of handy extras, like a changing unit and a rocking seat, both of which can be used on or off the cot.

    Read more reviews of this travel cot here. That said, our mums found this cot quite tricky to pack away and found the mattress a little on the thin side. The cot also comes with an inflatable mattress, so you can be sure your little one will be comfy.

    Nearly every travel cot we had tried was either fiddly to construct or bulky to store or weighed an absolute tonne; some had the crappiest, hardest mattresses, others had nothing that could even be identified as a mattress. Some travel cots also work as a changing station and have a clip-on, wipe-clean attachment that fits over the cot.

    It can impressively be folded down into a very compact bag, which is small enough to fit into the overhead locker on a plane, so this is a good buy for frequent fliers. Another mum said the mattress material was very nosy, rustling loudly every time her baby moved, keeping him awake.

    The mattress cannot be moved to different heights as your baby grows and the mattress can be a little on the stiff side, so a lot of customers had to buy a second mattress.

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