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Kmart Online, What a con!

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  • But I thought I'd give it another go as I needed certain items. The day after, I received an email saying the items have been dispatched.

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  • A few days after that I received a phone call from Couriers Please saying that I need to pick the parcel up from Truganina within a week or it will be sent back to sender, and that the parcel's been refused.

    I asked the person to contact Kmart if there's any problem with the parcel but was told they can't do that and that I should contact Kmart.

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  • First of all, I didn't pay a delivery fee to have a parcel delivered to Mill Park so I can pick it up in Truganina. So any problem with the parcel should be sorted out between them.

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    When I sent an email to Kmart support, I was told to contact Couriers Please to arrange for redelivery. I replied that my calling them won't help as NO delivery was even attempted.

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    No one came to my house to deliver the parcel. I said Kmart should contact Couriers Please, and that if they can't deliver the items to cancel my order. So they cancelled my order. And today, I was told I've been refunded the money. When I checked Paypal, I've only been refunded for the items but not the delivery fee. I am being charged delivery fee for a parcel that wasn't even delivered in the first place.

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    When I contacted Kmart support I was told I'm not being refunded the delivery fee because the parcel was refused. They refused to deliver my parcel and charging me the delivery fee?

    One star is generous I reckon. You have a terrible service Kmart. I tried to save time by shopping online but all I did was waste my time chasing after what I ordered and now my money.

    cot bed kmart Cot bed kmart

    You shouldn't offer online shopping if you can't do it properly. And you should get actual customer support.



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