cot bed india Cot bed india

October 22, While you can figure out that king-size is larger than queen it is a sexist world, after all , you may have trouble figuring out if they're both bettered by the double. And what's the deal with the twin? We're going to give you the dope on the various bed sizes in the market and help you decide which one is right for you. TWIN Two single beds are known as twin beds.

They're the most common choice for children's rooms or guestrooms.

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These beds tend to be narrow and can fit quite easily into the smallest of bedrooms. If you have children in the house who often have friends sleeping over , you can even have a "trundle" underneath your twin to accommodate the guest.

They are 3 ft wide and 6 ft long in India. Because of their small size, these fit easily into small rooms. Twin sheets are the least costly of all sheet sizes, are available everywhere and come in heaps of designs. The standard size is too short for many adults. DOUBLE In some countries, this is known as a full bed and till quite recently, these were the most common beds used by couples. A double bed is about one foot wider than a single.

This makes it very comfortable for one person but if there are two sharing the bed and they're not looking to spoon , each has only two feet of personal space, much less than you'd find on a single. The standard dimensions of a double bed are 4 ft wide and 6 ft long. Small enough to be manoeuvred into all sorts of rooms and perfect for young couples.

Just like a Moses basket or suspended cradle, a stationary cradle can only be used for around the first four months of your baby's life. Keep Up the Good Work.

Sheets are easily available and are less expensive than queen or king size. Many people find a double bed too narrow for two adults and too short as well. QUEEN This beds is two feet wider and just as long as a single bed, and one foot wider than a double.

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  • Though this extra width can make all the difference in getting a good night's sleep, each adult still has 2. Shivram, chief marketing office, Kurl On.

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  • A queen bed works well for guestrooms and small master bedrooms and is a good choice for couples who like to snuggle. The standard dimensions are usually 5 ft wide and 6 ft long. Gives two adults more space than a double.

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  • The extra length comes in handy and standard size pillows work well. With only two and a half feet of personal space for each person, a queen may be too narrow for everyday sleeping for a full-sized couple.

    So, be careful if you're buying sheets for your king-sized bed abroad. Flat sheets will fit all sizes of king beds, but fitted sheets are cut to fit one or the other. Before you go shopping for sheets, be sure to measure your bed exactly to be sure to buy linens that will fit exactly.

    But all your worries vanish when you lie down on this one. This is the most comfortable bed going. It is 6 ft wide and 6. As the widest bed commonly available in stores, the king is the most comfortable for two adults.

    cot bed india Cot bed india

    Because of its size, a king bed may not be practical for a single person. Also, these beds are hard to move, especially through narrow doorways and up narrow, winding stairways. Bedding too is rather expensive and requires at least three standard or two queen or king pillows, adding to the cost. Do You Like This Story?



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