cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn

Having co-slept from the start with Rory , I knew I wanted to do similar with our third baby and have him as close to me as possible — I am so totally OVER leaving a warm cosy bed to tend to my babies ; With Rory, we side-carred a standard cot with one side removed.

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  • We had a different bed back then, and it fit perfectly with the height of the cot mattress, so we essentially created a larger sleeping surface for all of us, and he slept there for the best part of his first two years. Now, however, we had upgraded to an amazing super king sized bed, and no longer had room to side-car a big cot. Plus, I quite wanted something where I could put the side up quickly and easily if I wanted to — with our side-carred cot, the side had to be permanently removed, and once Rory started rolling, it became a struggle to contain him, particularly an issue in the evenings in between his bedtime and mine.

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  • So, we started looking at the Snuzpod. Smaller than a cot, the Snuzpod is a crib with a fabric side that can be zipped up or down, depending on whether you want to use it as a standalone crib or a bedside one.

    How have we been using our Snuzpod? Every night, Baby O has slept right next to my side of the bed in his Snuzpod. He is now transitioning to his own room, but with the benefit of a familiar sleep space as he will still be using his Snuzpod in his room for another few months at least, or whenever he learns to sit up from lying down.

    It is also recommended by some experts that a cot with bars on all four sides is better, as it allows air to circulate freely while your baby sleeps. Avoid using soft or bulky bedding Firmly tucked in sheets and blankets not above shoulder height or a baby sleep bag are safe for a baby to sleep in.

    We have phased out the Sleepyhead in the last month, and he continues to sleep confidently in the Snuzpod without it. We have been using our Snuzpod with the mattress from Little Green Sheep. A portable sleep space After two babies, our moses basket had seen better days, and hefty Rory had barely used it before it was outgrown. So, for our third baby, I was looking for something that would last longer whilst still being portable — and that was another big reason for why the Snuzpod appealed to me.

    The crib part of the Snuzpod detaches from the stand, so it becomes a portable sleep space for your baby that you can move around the house. This was great for us and in the first few months Baby O would sleep in his Snuzpod downstairs in the evenings before moving him up, undisturbed, when we went to bed. It was basically like a roomier moses basket.

    While this feature does have many advantages, leaving the mattress too high can increase the risk of a child injuring himself. A baby on his tummy must be watched at all times. The benefit of cots is that they contain active toddlers.

    I also loved that the Snuzpod meant a designated sturdy and safe sleeping space for my baby, with protection against his two older brothers and their sometimes rambunctious play. When the boys met their new baby brother for the first time. One thing to mention about the portability of the Snuzpod is that it is quite a large item to carry around.

    I can move our Snuz easily now, but in the early weeks post-birth I did need to get Sam to do all of the moving, and can imagine this would be perhaps more of a difficulty if you have had a c-section. Snuz design One of my favourite things about the Snuzpod is the way it looks.

    cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn

    With a wide choice of colours, I think a Snuzpod can actually enhance your bedroom or nursery decor. I absolutely love these designs.

    The fabric sides of the cot are hand wash only and a bit longwinded to remove. We have quite a high bed and the Snuzpod mattress is lower than our mattress by a few inches. Now that he has mostly graduated out of the Sleepyhead, the side stays up.

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  • Why should I buy a Snuzpod? Having had three babies, I know how difficult it can be when you are looking at baby products to know whether you NEED something, just want something because it looks nice, or if you already have something that fits that bill.

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    If any of those above factors apply to you, it would be seriously worth considering a Snuzpod. From my experience, the Snuzpod is more of a bedside crib rather than an extension of your own bed, as I had when Rory was a baby and toddler. Then, I was suddenly admitted to hospital and Sam worked furiously to get everything ready for our baby.

    The one thing I requested he send me whilst I was waiting in the hospital ward was a picture of our Snuzpod once it was all set up. That moment was a big glimmer of excitement amongst what was an emotional and scary time for me. Seeing our Snuzpod all ready to go was the first time I could properly visualise bringing our baby home to his crib. Recently, I put all the footage together and the result is four months of Baby O using his Snuzpod and how it fits into our family life. This video makes me seriously emotional whenever I watch it, as not only does it remind me of those early days and everything I mentioned above, but it shows just how much Baby O has changed and grown in the last four months.

    You can watch it below: If you are thinking of purchasing a Snuzpod for your baby, Snuz have provided me with a discount code to share with my blog readers:

    cot bed height for newborn Cot bed height for newborn



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