buy cot bed sheets uk Buy cot bed sheets uk

You need to take some care when buying kids' bedding. Determine the size of bed you have, whether it's a toddler bed, a standard single, or some other size. Also decide on the type of material you want; natural is often considered best, but it is also the most expensive. Ensure that the covers you buy are hard wearing and long lasting because children don't just sleep in their beds, they make dens and forts, and play imaginative games using their bedding and other items from around the room.

Also remember that younger children may still be prone to bed wetting on occasion, and this means that the bedding set will need to be washed and replaced more often. Poor quality covers can become damaged through regular washing. Initially, your children's bedding sets may only need to last a year or two, until your children start using a standard single duvet, and this means that you don't have to worry too much about the durability of the set.

Good bedding should last at least three years, if not five years or more. At JustLinen we have a large selection of bedding and bedding accessories, including children's bedding sets. Buy sets from brands like Broomhill, Christy, and Catherine Lansfield.

Alternatively, you can always give us a call with any questions or call in to Dawson's Department Store where you can see our full catalogue of homeware and gardenware items. Size When buying any bedding, you need to make sure that you buy the right size set. Duvets that are too big for the bed will be constantly dragging on the floor, and your child is more likely to end up buried in bedding. A duvet that is too small will not only look out of proportion on the bed but will also leave your son unprotected for parts of the night.

Buying the wrong size bedding set means that the duvet cover won't fit the duvet and the sheet won't fit the bed, although the pillow cases should be the right size. Cots usually measure 40 x 80 cm, cot beds are a little larger at 60 x cm, and toddler beds are 70 x cm.

A Single bed measures 80 x cm and a small double bed x cm. Whatever size of bed you have chosen for your child, buy the bedding to match that size.

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  • At JustLinen we have individual items and full sets in all the most common dimensions. Material The question of material is one that bedding buyers have pondered for years; a difficult decision exacerbated by the fact that seemingly new materials come out every single season. It is no longer a straight choice between cotton or silk. There are multiple grades and weaves of cotton, as well as a host of other natural and synthetic fibres to choose from.

    Although there are more material options than ever before, cotton remains the most popular. It's durable, soft, and it is easy to care for, which makes it a great option for children's bedding, but you may want to avoid some of the more expensive cotton options, bearing in mind that your son is likely to use their duvet for more than simply sleeping under.

    Options include Egyptian cotton, Upland cotton, and MicroCotton.

    buy cot bed sheets uk Buy cot bed sheets uk

    Flannel is warm and thick. It is a common choice for winter months, but flannel duvets can be overbearingly hot and stifling during summer months. If you buy a flannel set, be prepared to buy something lighter for use during the summer months as well. Silk is incredibly luxurious and it offers warmth during the winter and cool during the summer months.

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  • It is not appropriate for children's bedding sets, however, because it takes a lot of care and is too expensive for regular replacements. Polyester is inexpensive and is a synthetic fibre that is made from the same fibres that are used to create plastic bottles. It can be scratchy and irritable when used on its own, so if you are buying polyester, try to ensure that it forms part of a polyester and cotton mix or is mixed with some other material.

    Design The bed is the centrepiece in most bedrooms, and especially in children's bedrooms. It presents the ideal opportunity for you to let go and really use your imagination when buying your next bedding set. You can choose something that is specific to your daughter's tastes, choose a character specific bedding set, or go for a striking design using their favourite colours.

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  • Bedding sets can last for five years or more, though, so bear this in mind when choosing character based bedding. Will your son still be into dinosaurs in five years' time? This is less of a concern if your children are younger, because you will be more likely to upgrade the bedding in your child's bedroom more frequently. Whether your children are into robots or dinosaurs, their favourite colour is pink or blue, we have bedding sets that meet their preferences and will look great on their bed for years to come.

    Choosing Kids' Bedding You really can make a statement with the design of your son or daughter's bedroom, and with the items that you buy and fill their room with. Let your imagination go wild because there really are very few limits; you won't have the same limitations that you might feel while designing your own bedroom, for example. You should try and choose colours that promote a good night's sleep, but you can add characters and motifs around the bedroom.

    You can also separate different areas of the bedroom, so your daughter has a sleeping area that is separate to the play area. Add a desk for homework, and you can essentially give your child everything they need all in one room. You can give your child some input when it comes to design but remember that characters and stories tend to be a passing phase.

    They might love a particular children's TV show right now but could have moved on to a new obsession in a few months' time.

    Tuck n' Snug has transformed our bedtimes. A great product and appealing design. It presents the ideal opportunity for you to let go and really use your imagination when buying your next bedding set.

    You won't want to redecorate or buy new bedding every few months, but you will want to offer your daughter somewhere she likes to relax. Some designs can even encourage imaginative thinking and creative play. We offer individual duvet covers sheets, and pillow cases, as well as sets that combine all the essentials. We have items in all sizes, and we have a great selection of designs.

    Choose the size that you want, and the material that is best for your child, and then opt for the design or mural that you like.

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    Just Linen is the official bedding site of Dawson's Department Store. It only takes a few days, in most cases, which means that you can have your new bedding ready to go in next to no time.

    buy cot bed sheets uk Buy cot bed sheets uk

    Alternatively, you can call us with any questions or visit us in store to see our full range of homeware items.



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