john lewis tara cot bed instruction manual John lewis tara cot bed instruction manual

Helping mum set up our Gro Clock. Well, I need not have worried. The Gro Clock has slotted into our nap and bedtime routines very easily and has had a huge impact on making those times less stressful than they were not so long ago.

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  • You see, BattleKid had started having major tantrums when we brought him upstairs for naps or bedtime. He would properly kick off. He would also cry as we put him in his cot and when we closed his bedroom door.

    The bathroom approached through arched doors was the real highlight with a large feature freestanding bath, dual sinks and an incredible walk-in power shower. We were really looking for somewhere near to Gunwharf Quays that we could rest our heads.

    I can now report that since installing the Gro Clock in his bedroom the tantrums have greatly reduced with just an occasional whimper as we leave the room.

    How have we managed this change you ask? Mr Sun is a bright, cheery yellow sun who denotes wake-up times and daytime. Heading upstairs and into his room used to start the tantrums off.

    john lewis tara cot bed instruction manual John lewis tara cot bed instruction manual

    Now we look for Mr Sun and BattleKid remains calm and relaxed. Since bringing this into our bedtime routine BattleKid will now actively look to get into his cot, without the protests we were getting, ready for his story or nap if during the day. And all this at only 20 months old.

    In fact he slept through the wake-up change last weekend! The Gro Clock is packed with lots of features. Firstly, as mentioned, we have Mr Sun which denotes wake-up time and Mr Star who denotes sleep time. Both images are fun and will appeal to children of all ages. I think this feature will come into its own and become invaluable as BattleKid gets older and understands the concept of time more.

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    You can choose to display the digital time or not, handy for helping to teach older children the time. You can also set the brightness of the display to suit you. The Gro Clock is silently operated and you have the ability to lock the keys, very important and handy with an inquisitive toddler about!

    The Gro Clock is mains operated so you will need to think about the placement of it.

    I just pray that someone will find this. When Jo came into our lives, she not only worked her magic powers on putting baby into a routine from day one, she also showed my husband and I the ropes and helped establish a routine that we could maintain once she'd moved on.

    The Gro Clock also conforms to the highest British and European Standards, big pluses in my scientific books, as with all Gro Company products. How is the Gro Clock energy-efficient? You can turn the display back on with just the touch of one button. What we love about the Gro Clock: Great night-light with adjustable brightness. Fun characters in Mr Sun and Mr Star. Can set two separate wake-up times.

    Small stars countdown the time during the night. Easy to use instructions. Conforms to British and European Standards. Has helped stop the bedtime tantrums with BattleKid and has captured his attention. A great distraction aid!

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  • Has made bedtimes calmer and more settled meaning a more relaxed bedtime routine. Our nap and bedtime battles have all but ceased and the Gro Clock has slotted so easily into our bedtime routine.

    john lewis tara cot bed instruction manual John lewis tara cot bed instruction manual

    The Gro Clock is a great bedtime aid and is a product I can see coming more into its own as BattleKid gets older and as he moves from cot to bed. So if you are having a battle of wills at bedtime like we were, why not see if the Gro Clock can help ease them like it has for us. However, all the opinions expressed about the Gro Clock in this review are wholly my own and have not been influenced in any way other than by our experience of using it.



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