circle baby cot Circle baby cot

It also makes breastfeeding at night easier.

circle baby cot Circle baby cot

The new Next 2 Me Crib by Chicco is undoubtedly one of the best bedside co-sleeper cots on the market due to it's versatile and portable design. My sister was expecting assembling the cot to be a mission so we had our Husbands on standby with their screwdrivers in hand but it was so easy to assemble we didn't need any technical assistance.

That was pretty much it!

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  • It comes with safety straps which clip to the base of the bedside cot. You can then wrap the straps around the bed base or around your divan base to make sure it stays in place. Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to move from room to room as needed.

    If you have a baby who appears to have become extremely sensitive to noise, you can put a radio on near them when they are asleep and turn it up so that it becomes slightly louder. Try not to go back for 10 minutes and give them a chance to fall asleep. However by about six months of age they gradually begin to become more aware of their surroundings and begin to develop some sort of settling routine.

    The Next 2 Me bedside cot is very spacious, much larger than a standard moses basket. We were sent a lovely pale grey colour cot with a circles and clouds design on which would look stylish in any room. Even with the side up you can see baby well through the mesh.

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    To lower the side you do need to move the cot away from the bed so you do need to set it up in one position. To move the cot from room to room easily it has lockable swivel wheels.

    You can set the Next 2 Me at 6 different heights to match the height of your bed.

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  • And hands down my absolute favourite feature, you can raise one end higher than the other. No more propping cots up on stacks of books like we had to!

    circle baby cot Circle baby cot

    Also the straps are long enough to go all the way around your base securing the cot safely. I am very impressed with the quality and functionality of the design.

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  • The only downside I can see it that is doesn't rock, but for the price I really wouldn't expect it to. You can also buy fitted sheets specially designed for the Next 2 Me mattress.

    Store workers are paid good money to set up eye-catching displays to lure in buyers. It also makes breastfeeding at night easier. When your baby starts teething, you may find that your baby starts to gnaw on the wooden rail of your crib like a little beaver.

    Both are available to purchase from Amazon via the links below.



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