best cot bed for baby Best cot bed for baby

Whether you're on a tight budget, after a traditional finish or looking for something portable, there will be something for you in BabyCentre mums' picks of Their expert opinions will help you find your perfect match.

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  • Discover which snug snoozing accessory made the top of the list! John Lewis Waffle Moses basket Why mums love it This Moses basket is perfect for your newborn baby when he's still sleeping in your room. It's space-saving and easy to move around, with an adorable design. Not to mention the bargain price tag! It seemed really comfortable and he loved sleeping in it.

    Mothercare bedside cot Why mums love it This cot, made from solid beech, comes with a drop-down side so that you can easily reach your baby.

    The bars on your chosen cot should be vertical and the distance between the bars should be no more than 6. Their expert opinions will help you find your perfect match.

    It also features a protective teething rail that your little one can gnaw on when his gums are sore without harming his emerging teeth. The mattress is great and easy to use. Mamas and Papas Rialto cot bed Why mums love it Although this is the priciest cot in our top five, its durability makes it great value.

    Not only will it grow with your baby, it will eventually convert into a toddler-sized bed, too.

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  • It comes in a variety of shades and can be bought as part of a complete bedroom set. It's also very nice to look at. It has a modern design and it's easy to build. Ikea Hensvik cot Why mums love it This bargain cot is a real favourite among many mums.

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    It comes in a classic white shade, and features two height options so that it can grow with your baby. It doesn't take up much room either. My baby loved it from the second he was put in it, at two months. It's very spacious, which my boy loves - and he looks gorgeous in it.

    best cot bed for baby Best cot bed for baby

    Kiddicare Cot Bed range Why it's a winner This extensive range is a winner in all our categories. The cheapest is the Somerset Cot Bed, featured here. My daughter sleeps soundly in it and it looks a lot more expensive than it is. It feels solid and yet it's relatively straightforward to construct.

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    best cot bed for baby Best cot bed for baby

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    Like anything, there are slight drawbacks. The things you can do fall into four main categories: It is also recommended by some experts that a cot with bars on all four sides is better, as it allows air to circulate freely while your baby sleeps.

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