baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

Arching of the back—often during or immediately after feedings Poor feeding or refusal to feed Cries when positioned flat on their back Colic Now What? All is not lost! Keep in mind that this is an actual medical condition, and options for treatments should be discussed with a board certified pediatrician.

They may suggest placing them on a prescriptive medication, or start a different regiment to help suppress the symptoms as much as possible.

baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

A huge culprit in infant reflux is their diet. Breast milk has a huge advantage over formula for babies with reflux, because it contains enzymes to speed digestion. A baby can be sensitive to something the mother is ingesting, however, and the most common culprit is dairy.

If you are formula feeding, use a hypoallergenic variety of formula recommended by your doctor. Offer smaller feedings more frequently. Avoid over-stuffing your baby, or allowing them to space out their feeding sessions, and binge when the time comes. When smaller amounts of milk are in the stomach, digestion is easier and quicker. Adjust how you are feeding them.

Is your baby gagging during your first forceful letdown? Try pumping before offering them the breast, to eliminate that first flow of milk that could be gagging them, and causing them to choke.

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  • You can either choose to store the milk by freezing it for later, or offer it to your baby at the end of the nursing session in a bottle designed to reduce colic such as these Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Bottles.

    Changing the position in which you feed your child is also important, and feeding them at an inclined angle may help reduce reflux, and will help aid digestion.

    Keep your baby upright and still after a feeding. Let gravity do its part by keeping the baby in an upright position for at least 30 minutes after they eat.

    We are led to believe by manufacturers that positioners confer safety by keeping babies on their back. No need for panic. Search for 'Wedgehog Cooltouch Cover' for our covers and wedge bundles that will allow you to put the wedge on top of the mattress as well as underneath.

    When they are flat on their back, it will be harder for the muscular band to remain shut, and more spitting up and discomfort will occur. Sears suggests sitting with your baby in your lap, with their head nuzzled against your chest or using a wrap or sling that will place them in this position such as a Skin to Skin shirt, or Moby Wrap featured below. Let them sleep comfortably. Finding out your infants preferred sleep location, position, or angle is kind of a game of trial and error, in many cases.

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    Does your baby sleep well in their swing? By all means, let them sleep in their swing. Now is not the time to worry about what inclined sleeping may be setting you up for weaning them from it in the future. Are there products that can help? Sometimes, all that babies with reflux need is a bit of motion to help them sleep, or stay asleep, whether that movement be through vibrations, rocking, or swaying. If your baby prefers a rocking motion, we adore the Hushamok Baby Hammock , which is a great alternative to a bassinet.

    Stay tuned for a full feature on this awesome product and all it has to offer, coming soon!

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  • As mentioned above, sleeping at a slight incline may help your baby to be more comfortable and have a better rest period. As mentioned above, nursing or bottle feeding your baby with their body at an inclined position has been found to speed digestion, and decrease reflux.

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