baby cot bed india Baby cot bed india

PreCared India Safe sleeping or using cots and cribs for babies are getting acceptance in India and there are many parents who want to buy a cot or a crib for their new born. Cots are convenient because it allows the new mother to rest, it is safe for the child especially if there are pets at home and it helps in making independent sleeping a routine.

So what are the things to look for while buying a baby cot.

The depth is approximately 26cm The 14th century is also the time when feather beds became highly prized possessions.

Here are some things to consider when buying a baby cot: Surprised that we are mentioning this as the first thing to consider when buying a cot? Most of our city homes have limited living space.

Give a lot of thought before you plan to buy a cot because it will be in that place for a very long time. Try to ensure that the space available next to your bed is more than the size of the cot that to you intend to buy.

Some features like dropside, bedside, underneath storage need extra space to function. This is a desirable feature to look for while looking for a cot.

This allows complete access to baby during night.

baby cot bed india Baby cot bed india

This is a feature much wanted by expecting parents, but seldom used. We advise you to have locks on wheels. This is a feature demanded by most of the parents in India.

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  • There is a lot of research which goes into simple designs. A cot demands premium based on the wood quality, finish, design and spares used.

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    We will talk about choosing a mattress and other cot accessories in our next blog. If you wish to buy a baby cot, inspected, sanitized from Precared.

    baby cot bed india Baby cot bed india

    Please visit us here. Also shop for sanitized cot accessories here.

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