baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

At some point the practical side of you speaks up: Emotionally and financially, that is. Before we found out we were having twins, we were pretty confident. We had a little girl already and had just transitioned her to a toddler bed.

Finally, as in any time of transition, it helps to establish and follow a predictable bedtime routine, says Dr. This saves having to go backward and forward and potentially waking your slumbering partner. What if, despite all that, she has a meltdown?

The baby room was ready. We had a crib, a stroller, and a boatload of pacifiers. And then life threw a curveball: Twins Sharing A Room As for whether or not the twins would share a room, we really had little choice. There was only one room available!

Clear the pathway to the door in case she tries to open it. This information statement was first posted in October, Pregnancy has transformed me into an illogical moron.

Besides, having shared a womb for 34 weeks, we expected they might not mind so much. Many parents of multiples are keen on fostering the unique bond that twins share, and we were all for it. We keep the diaper changer , clothes, diaper genie, and other essentials in one place.

And there are some adorable setups you can have for a shared nursery. Just check out our Pinterest board called Twins at Home.

True, there are times when two babies in a room is inconvenient, such as when one wakes up crying in the middle of the night. We routinely manage to extract the wakeful twin while his brother snores on. One very helpful innovation in the past few years is the video baby monitor with multiple cameras. Some of these even transmit right to your smartphone or iPhone, so you can check on the twins from anywhere.

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  • Check out these wireless video monitor reviews for detailed comparisons of the bestselling monitors. Things that ours have shared in their first year of life include: Yes, we had the high-minded goal of always keeping things separate.

    baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

    For brief stints, our boys are happy to play together in confined spaces, as long as there are enough toys for both. Each twin has certain preferences, though. It depends on the type of twins you have, but if you get two of the same gender, this is a big money-saver.

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    Oh, the cuteness and fun of it. Toys, swings, and other baby entertainment. On a related note, see our article on 6 ways to contain and entertain your twins.

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  • Some things we do try to keep separate: Also, each twin has an assigned car seat which just seems to make road trips go a little more smoothly.

    Safety was our primary concern: The downside, of course, is that you have to buy two cribs and squeeze them into the same room. I found some nice mini crib and bassinet reviews that compare the most popular models.

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  • But the toys, the blankets, and hopefully the clothes can be shared between twins. Worst case scenario, you can always pass it along to someone in need.



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